Kenyan model Yaya Deng | photography by Cybele Malinowski 

Sometimes I just wanna fuck, and sometimes I wanna be in love, and sometimes I wanna be alone.

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And sometimes I want all of them at once

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My favorite YouTube couple ❤️ I’m obsessed. They are both talented and they know fashion. Nikki is a fashionista I love her💋 and their dog Louis is the cutest. Next time when you’re bored go to YouTube and watch their vlogs. (Jamie and Nikki)


We all talk about how we want someone to come and sweep us off our feet and how we want it to be rainbows and unicorns.We also say that we’re afraid to approach them because they might not like us cause of our hair, our skin color, our clothes etc; but if they dont then they werent worth of liking…


I hate the stereotypes that come along with girls of African descent, that they’re all loud and crazy and mean and ghetto, and that’s a deal breaker for most men.

I’ve had a guy tell me that he will never date a black girl but he’d have sex with her. Which is really just a slap in the face…


Our unofficial wedding photos. We went to the courthouse and said our I do’s. It was quick and simple and it was awesome. We only had my two friends as our witnesses because we didn’t want to tell our parents.

That is not the wedding dress I purchased but instead that’s the dress I wore for my open house and then the ribbon from prom.

We didn’t tell our parents because we didn’t want to hear all the negative feedback from them. Come to find out our moms were more okay with it than our dads were once we finally told them that we got married. Overall I’m happy with what we did and now we can focus on other things:)


Summer lovin’ ♥☀


Summer lovin’ ♥☀


Let me show you the way…🌙


Let me show you the way…🌙